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SPR Explained
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BI-4000 Series
Revolutionizing Research with Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology

At Biosensing Instrument Incorporated, we supply innovative, high-performance Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments to the scientific community.

Why Surface Plasmon Resonance?

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a powerful label-free optical detection
technique for studying biomolecular interactions in real-time.
(See Surface Plasmon Resonance)

Versatility in Application

BI's instruments offer unmatched sensitivity for detecting analytes of various sizes. Our unique design also allows for a wide time response range for kinetics of various molecular binding processes and electrochemical phenomena, applicable to a variety of areas:

Life Science
gene assays,
drug development,
and more


Electrochemical Measurements
Anodic stripping analysis, electropolymerization,
redox-and charge-related processes,
and more

Chemical Vapor Sensing
Chemical Vapor Sensing
Fundamental solid-gas
interface studies,
detection of toxic molecules,
and more

Food & More

Food and Environmental Safety
Trace metal analysis,
hazardous residue
screening, sensor
and more

Flexible and Affordable

Our flexible and versatile designs are tailored to your individual needs, all at an affordable price. Unlike many current SPR instruments, BI's unique modular design allows for a research focus not only in lifescience, but also in electrochemistry and chemical vapor sensing. Select among the custom analysis modules below to fulfill your advanced research needs:

Precision Instruments. Committed People.

Here at BI, innovative technology and incredible people unite, providing our customers with outstanding service, innovation and responsiveness. Contact Us today to see how our technology - and our people - can make your research more effective.


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